† E Prayer Cards, E Card, Christian prayers, Religious pray
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† E Prayer Cards, E Card, Christian prayers, Religious pray

† E Prayer Cards, E Card, Christian prayers, Religious pray† E Prayer Cards, E Card, Christian prayers, Religious pray

Comments About Our Prayer Banners

"I would be honored and humbled to place this on my Christian family web site. It is something that is oh so needed." - Kathy Hagle
Awesome! The only word I know to describe what you have provided here! - Thomas Nix
Thank you very much for offering this golden opportuntiy. - Patricia-Ann M.
This is my family website and we will all participate in the prayers. - Tonya Jobe
We want to pray with you. - Dianna B
This is so beautiful. May God Bless you for this. He is watching over us all and I know he is answering my prayers. - Judy Green
Thank you for providing this much needed service to sites like ours that are dedicated to teaching and preaching the truths from God's holy Word. - Ben D. Streett
God bless your efforts - Bishop Lee
Thank you and bless you for what you are doing for the world and what you are allowing the rest of us to do as well. - Sue Pitman
I made this website for the FRG and the many americans that support our troops, as my husband Earl, left in April to carry out his orders I pray for his safe return every waking moment. Thank you for these wonderful banners!! - Melissa D Wallace
This is a wonderful idea. Thank you for making it available. - Rev. Rose Beckmann
This is great! Thank you for your service. I am going to ask our finance committee to make a contribution to your ministry. - James Sherwood
I think that this is such a great idea. It not only gets a whole lot of people praying for you, but it helps to united christians from other countries. This is a good thing. - Wendy Snyder
What A Blessing your site is ! The backbone of our ministry is intercessory prayer! Bish - Bishop Craig Ministries
What a wonderful way to connect people in need of prayer and healing. PTL! : ) - Heather
I love the Lord.and I want to show your banner on my page. - Nadine Creamer
Thank you. It is wonderful what you are doing! - David M. Grubbs
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