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† E Prayer Cards, E Card, Christian prayers, Religious pray

† E Prayer Cards, E Card, Christian prayers, Religious pray† E Prayer Cards, E Card, Christian prayers, Religious pray

Contribute Here.

To us, this is our ministry. It is no different then your local church or worldwide missionaries spreading the word of god, although one thing is for certain we do have the capability to reach the far ends of our world with prayer and are doing so every day. We do not have an "agenda" other than the clear and pragmatic advancement of prayer throughout our globe. For us to cover the cost's involved with expanding this idea to involve every language we need some financial support from visitors and viewers alike. Our needs are not huge but if each visitor were to give only a little, our needs would be none.

At this time we are looking for contributions in these general areas:
  • Website and staffing funds
  • Computer Operators
  • Interpreters
  • Marketing consultants

We have a few ways in which you may donate shown below.

Pay Pal

Mailing Address:

The Prayer Network
P.O. Box 63415
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80962

We hoped to have touched, blessed or reached you in one way or another, enough for you to pass along our message to others. Tell them we are gifted with this website and will one day try to reach every person on earth and give them the gift of prayer. Please join us!

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