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† Christian Blog, Live Prayer Blog, Religious Blogs, Pray† Christian Blog, Live Prayer Blog, Religious Blogs, Pray

Prayer Resources For The Week Of  December 6, 2005

We are adding a weekly prayer newsletter, take a look...

Posted By Preston at 1:10 PM

Sunday, December 4, 2005

We have Been Busy!!!
And here we have it folks, Turkish Prayer. We are looking to do every major language on earth. Please help us....

This Weeks News
Some 200 episodes of anti-Christian violence in 2005 in India
Prayer encouraged for 200 million people in 60 countries...
Relatives, religion and a drop of red 'will see you to 100'
Three Christian School Girls in Indonesia are Beheaded
Jurors' religion issue in Moussaoui trial
Arenas set aside area for prayer
Public TV outlet battling Christian network
Prayer service held to end violence and abuse
When religion affects employment
Christians in US to join in year long prayer effort
Americans Feel Religion is Under Attack
Aurora author traces role of prayer in nation's history
Saudi to lash teacher who discussed religion
Fasting and prayer for spiritual renewal

This Weeks Supporting Websites

Posted By Preston at 9:34 AM

Saturday, October 30, 2005

Live Prayer In Chinese
Hurray! We have finished our live prayer in Chinese and have the chance to reach 1 billion chinese people with the word of God... Turkish is on the books to finish next week.

Posted By Preston at 4:10 PM

Saturday, October 18, 2005

This Weeks News....
College Station council restores pre-meeting prayer
Persistence Pays Off in PA; Principal Permits Prayer
Prayer for the dead organised by Hurriyat
A ministry to mobile home residents
Bush says he picked Miers because she's Christian
Christian Right's piece of the 'Promised Land'
Christian Gives Ruined Torah Scrolls Jewish Burial
Bush asked to overturn prayer rules
Football coach quit rather than stop leading prayer
Tsunami relief donations, volunteers in Asia continue...
Great Falls unsure of next move on prayer case fees
Ken Ham: Intelligent Design Not 'Christian' Thing ...
200,000 Churches Expected at World's Largest Prayer...
Christian Persecution, Indonesia Escalates in Streets
UN urges States to protect freedom of religion for all...
'Copts would never tolerate anyone insulting Islam,'

Posted By Preston at 9:55 PM

Saturday, October 12, 2005

Live Prayer In Romanian
This is our first language, Romanian prayer. We are on a mission to have prayer in every language we can make it in. This is a great start, yea!

Posted By Preston at 2:00 PM

Saturday, October 08, 2005

This Weeks News....
Voices sing out prayer for homeless
Muslim speakers to discuss religion-terrorism link

A Christian's view on 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Vatican exhibit shows earliest Christian art, Biblical

One week, one answered prayer

Churches to have week of prayer before voting

Prayer, charity add to Islamic fasting holiday

Hope for the City asks residents to pray

From the pews, different takes on religion and casinos

US delays clash with Saudi over religion

Councils urged to take care in prayer

Posted By Preston at 10:50 PM

Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Ideas
Still working on the toolbar, found a whole bunch of prayer links you will like! Upgraded the basic banners and the prayer submit system. Below you will find a prayer topic, I thought this would be a good way to share some prayer information each time I post. Working on the Chinese prayer system as we speak.

If I am new to prayer, what topics should I be praying for?
First of all start with something close to you, yourself. Pray that God gives you or increases your gift of prayer. Pray for health, happyness, jobs, success. Remember to have pity and ask or pray for something realistic. Example: A job you are not qualified for might not happen, why? God will not put you into a position you are greatly unprepaired for. Whereas on the other hand God opens the doors that you are ready to go through.

To learn more about what topics to pray for visit our general prayer topics.
To add your comment to this prayer topic Contact Us

Posted By Preston at 7:06 PM

Tuesday, September 10, 2005

Back To Bidness
Toolbar - The Live Prayer
Wall: Good things are comming soon like our prayer toolbar. I am on a mission to get it done in October and it will be the best toolbar on the market, not only for it's search but for it's scrolling "live Prayer" - We also did some modifications on the prayer wall and all the other free content for the prayer sites. We need translators!!

Every banner in the system and prayer room for that matter can open in a pop-up window so you can take them with you as you surf the web. We also made our prayer room available in any one of the 10 themes. Go to "The Prayer Rooms" page and on the menu you will see 10 pages of prayer rooms, one for each theme, each one with a different picture. They act no differently than the origional 180 page prayer room, they just start-up on a different page.

Posted By Preston at 10:46 PM

Tuesday, August 15, 2005

A heart the size of a bear
Today I met someone who has a heart the size of a bear. He is honest, caring and shines. May God bless his family, his business and his big heart.

Todays voice
Turn off the TV, and listen.

Posted By Preston at 11:06 PM

Monday, August 14, 2005

God is Good
I love my job, the kids are healthy. But we need to talk. For some of us our daily lives are great and we never expect anything more than what we earn. For others we don't know. I feel our youth are in great peril. They are misguided and if our government has its way their educational resources will diminish, and we will continue to increase the gap between the rich and poor well through the next generation.

My solution is to pray for the children, live your life to honor them and they will honor God... But that's just my opinion.

Christian Links

Prayer Warriors of the World - Prayer warriors from all over the world joined together to pray over your needs.

In all things pray - People around the world are making the commitment to pray passionately and consistently for God's children. In addition to personal issues and the

Posted By Preston at 8:37 AM

Sunday, August 13, 2005

Welcome to the Live Prayer Network Blog -
Welcome Friends in Christ - We are glad you have found us and hope at some point we can fill your prayer needs. This is the second year for The Live Prayer Network and we are moving mountains. I hope to add to this blog every day and I will try.

Just to let everyone know we are the largest "live" Prayer system on the internet and are available to construct any specific custom prayer system you may need to augment your website. You can see by the banner below we have refined our programming skills far and beyond any company on the web and have also become one of the finest SEO companies in the USA. If you want your christian website to be successful, hire a christian company.

Christian News

Workers strike over prayer dispute - Thirty Muslims walked off the job at a Tennessee plant after alleging the company refused to let them pray at sunset - the latest dispute over prayer....

Posted By Preston at 9:57 PM

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