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† Christian Blog, Live Prayer Blog, Religious Blogs, Pray † Christian Blog, Live Prayer Blog, Religious Blogs, Pray

Prayer Resources For The Week Of  December 6, 2005

Here you will find prayers, news, tips, locations to pray for and websites who are supporting our prayer systems

Founders Message:

We have something new for you called Bible Chronicles. It is a bible parody in news format made up as if you were there. We are looking for editors, come take a look! We are looking for translators and Prayer Managers or you can make a donation that will help us continue to grow into the worlds largest prayer system. Our prayer in Turkish is done at the Prayer Wall

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This Weeks Prayer
Please pray for me to let go of all anxiety. To help me be the best mom, wife, sister and daughter that I can be. Help me let go and let God handle my concerns.
Sent by: Elizabeth - San Jose - CA

Please pray for Jazzmin who is 13 years olds and my niece. May she know how much she is loved and that she feel safe, secure and whole.
Sent by: Elizabeth - San Jose - CA

Please pray for Justin Garcia - who had a strike and is very young and very much loved by his family, freinds, and students. Please god help hime in his recovery.
Sent by: Elizabeth - San Jose - CA

Please pray for a little boy in our church who is needing a bone marrow transplant he is under 2 years ood he needs it right away not doing too good right now.
Sent by: Burgie, Hot Springs NC

I ask in Gods name to help little Lane through his bone marrow surgery for his complete recovery and healing. I thank Him now for that healing.
Sent by: Burgie,Hot Springs NC

Dear Lord, Christian led me to Christ because of his strong testimony and love for you. Lately he has been getting off the path. Please put him back on the right path.
Sent by: Jen, New Jersey

God, help me be the spiritual and financial leader for my family that is worthy of your praise.
Sent by: Hosac San Jose, Ca

Please pray for me, I think I am gay, and in the eyes of the lord. Pray for me and hope i am released from this terrible affliction! Forgive me lord!
Sent by: Dave

Pray that God, heal all the wrongs i've done. To help all the hurt and pain I may have brought unto others. That he restore my life in him.
Sent by: DTD, PA

Please pray for a financial breakthrough for me in Jesus Name.
Sent by: Jim, Mission Hills, Calif.

A prayer for john & Molly M. to restore there marriage and to have any others that have torn them apart out of there lives thank you for your prayer and thank god for his
Sent by: MC, Los Banos - CA

Lord, please help me as I try to survive with no-one there to care for me, for the first time in my life. Help me to overcome my health problems and be happy, my Father.
Sent by: Nikki - Hampshire - England

My Father, watch over my beloved fiance and his family as they struggle to survive their financial problems. Help them to know that all will be well, and that I care.
Sent by: Nikki - Hampshire - England

God bless you! Celest is 6 and she has attended four different schools before fisrt grade: there is something wrong with her father and mother, not Celest. She misses
Sent by: Juan C - TX

Dear God: Please pray and help me!!! I am so desperate I simply cannot go on much longer. Please, grant me a miracle by successully ending my legal and financial troubles
Sent by: M, Miami - Fl

Lord please be with our church Glory of Faith Church and lead those to give and extend our church grounds...please bless our church Lord, in Jesus name I Pray, AMEN
Sent by: Virginia---Poth-Texas

Please pray that God will heal my relationship with Aimee and restore us to each other very soon. Matthew 7:7, 18:19; John 14:14
Sent by: Thomas

Dear God, I am depressed since my girlfriend left me for another man. I love her very much, she is my life. I cannot move on without her.I trust in You. Amen.
Sent by: JM-Q.C.-Philippines

Please pray for my dad (Vincenzo)...he is not a christian born again...please that he may not die untill he accept Jesus in his heart
Sent by: Sassari

Please pray for Andrew, 16 & his family. Something is going on inside him, not sure what it is. He's having episodes of outburts & bad images. He is scared. Thank you
Sent by: Concerned-MO

Heavenly Father, Please bless this little 6 yr. old boy and heal him of his affliction. We know you are the great physician. Thank you father and praise you always.
Sent by: Bonnie, Gallipolis, Ohio

I’m the pastor of a small church. My 24 year old son, Luke, has made some bad choices lately, and is not living for Jesus. In fact, he mocks what I teach and believe and how he was raised. Pray for God’s mercy -and pray that Luke will have a radical encounter with our living, loving Savior. My goal is to have at least a thousand people pray for Luke today. Please join me on Luke’s behalf. Thanks.
Sent by: Steve, Jupiter, FL

Lord Jesus, Mediator to the Father, bless our troops this day and forevermore according to your will. Amen
Sent by: Justin - Atlanta, GA

Lord, I lift my children Amber, Amanda, & Makoa into your loving arms. I asked that you keep them safe, and that they trust in you always.
Sent by: LA, Fresno, CA

Please pray for Salvation for my son, Allan age 31. He was raised as a Christian, went to church & Christian School. He rebelled 15 yrs. ago & got into drugs & still is.
Sent by: Barb - Lk. Stevens, WA.

Father, I ask in the wonderful name of Jesus that those who are promoting the homosexual and antiChristian agenda will come to know You in spirit and truth.Amen.
Sent by: Pat, Lafayette, TN

Dear sweet Craig, we are praying for you. We will pray that Jesus touches you from the top of your head to the souls of your feet. And you are healed now!
Sent by: Eleanor, Hartford. AR

God, please protect me from the hateful judgment of your followers.
Sent by: J, Sacramento, CA

Prayer for Cesar. God,please forgive our sins & bad choises in our lives. Please guide us & help us find a way, help us get through. Forgive us. Thank you Amen!
Sent by: Terry A.- Watsonville-CA

Dear God, please do help me to stretch my patience. I always need patience with my work...
Sent by: Mericel, Dumaguete

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Please pray for our houses foreclosure (Dec. 21), and Lord's intervention to help us retrieve the houses.
Sent by: Immanuel, Paul

Prayer News - This Week:
Christians in US to join in year long prayer effort

Americans Feel Religion is Under Attack
Aurora author traces role of prayer in nation's history
Saudi to lash teacher who discussed religion
Fasting and prayer for spiritual renewal

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